About Us

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in great shortages of PPE which has caused many facilities to “conserve” their protective equipment. Some individuals have used this situation to hoard PPE and resell them at outrageous prices. Additionally, there are many counterfeit masks being sold that put staff at risk if they use these fake/substandard N95/KN95 masks.

As a nurse, I feel compelled to help my fellow nurses and physicians to be able to work safely with the proper protective equipment.  With my nursing background and our team’s experience importing from various suppliers, we are working tirelessly to provide quality PPE to facilities.

Although the government has increased production, the shortage of PPE will take time to resolve.  They can be likened to a big cruise ship carrying lots of people but taking time to arrive at its final destination.  We are like a speed boat carrying less but arriving there faster.  

Our team at Be Ready Medical Supply is deeply committed to helping facilities obtain the needed PPE so their staff can continue caring for others in a safe manner.  Contact us to discuss solutions tailored to your PPE needs for your facility. 


Jeff Su, RN  Strategic Sourcing Director  & Be Ready Medical Supply Team